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Property Selling Tips

First impressions really count when selling a property, this is the reason why housing companies go to so much trouble decorating their showrooms making them look so desirable.

We know that not everybody can afford to go to the same extreme lengths in order to grab interested viewers attention so we have listed a few simple steps to help you prepare your property for sale. Remember that most viewings only last a short time and the viewers mostly only take in obvious things that stand out.


The front garden and driveway are the first areas that viewers see up close and should be maintained and free of litter and any other junk lying around on the floor such as gardening tools or children’s toys.


The front of a property is usually the main factor when deciding whether to purchase a property. This is the first thing that people see when approaching from a distance and is usually the main image when advertised. If need be give the window sills a layer of fresh paint and have the brickwork cleaned up using a jet-wash and chemical cleaner.


It is obvious that an up-to-date decor has better chances of selling to viewers and more often than not for more money as buyers can move in without the stress of redecorating. Don’t go mad and completely redecorate the entire home but try to fix any obvious faults and if you have lots of mix-matched colours throughout your home then why not paint the walls in neutral colours.

Keep it Tidy

Although you probably still have to live in your property while trying to find a buyer you should definitely try to keep it as tidy as possible. Put unwanted items away such as books, magazines and children’s toys. Remember that you are trying to show off your home so you want to be proud of it!


Research suggests that people react positively to light so keep windows clean, curtains bright and if you have any viewings in dark nights – make sure to replace any blown bulbs/tubes.


Some people may be afraid of pets such as large dogs, we recommend that you have them out of the way while viewings are being done. Also don’t forget to clean up the areas where pets stay and try to get rid of any smells that they leave behind. Remember that you are probably accustomed to the smell so ask a friend if need be for their opinion.


Smell is an important factor for many potential buyers, use strong clean odours such as bleach, polish and air fresheners on furniture, work surfaces and upholstery. Why not try some flowers to spruce up areas that are looking bare and for a homely feel brew up some coffee in the kitchen.


It is best to have a quiet home when viewings are taking place. Avoid loud notices such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, children, dogs barking and make sure your TV and HiFi are turned off.